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    The Story of Ken

    Hi! I’m Ken Ibizugbe, a 27 year old aspiring Entrepreneur.  I wanted to take the opportunity to share my story with you all and the experiences, trials and errors that led me to pursuing entrepreneurship.

    I was born in Gessin, Germany and lived there for 7 years before moving to the United States. I was fluent in German as I arrived to the States, but has very little experience speaking English.  The other kids my age made fun of me because I understood English, but would respond back in German. That barrier pushed me to learn, so that I would never have to face that kind of embarrassment again.  It also taught me to be observant of my surroundings and how turn a negative experience into an opportunity to grow.

    As I got older, I became very interested in basketball and set a goal of learning how to play.  I took the time to teach myself the game of basketball by observing others and by spending hours practicing my game and developing my physical fitness. I had the discipline to invest in myself and pursue something that I was passionate about, in order to become the best.  This time and effort spent teaching myself how to play, lead to me eventually becoming the top player on my varsity freshman high school basketball team. I received many accolades as well as a college basketball scholarship upon graduation.  My journey with basketball taught me that in order to achieve greatness, you need to be willing to put the time and effort into your goals and constantly improve, no matter what the sacrifice.

    I started college with a lot of different expectations in mind, but it turned out that I was not passionate about school and began to think about what other possibilities were out there for me.  After a lot of self-reflection, I ended up dropping out of college during my sophomore year.  I had spent my entire life looking up to my mother, who is an entrepreneur.  She was able to grow a business in a country that she wasn’t born in, all while being a single mother of three boys.  Her drive really inspired me to build a business of my own.  I know that if she could overcome all obstacles to build a thriving business, than I could certainly do the same.  I knew that I did not need a higher education in order to be successful in life.  I also came to terms with the fact that my dreams of playing basketball could only ever be short term.  I was determined to look at the bigger picture for my life and knew that I wanted to set myself and my family up for a lifetime of success.  So I decided to take the route that most people thought was crazy- to leave my education and basketball goals behind to purse my dream of entrepreneurship.

    I got involved with trading in foreign exchange markets (Forex) through a friend.  He explained to me what trading was and that it had the potential to change my life.  That life changing potential excited me, and made me want to learn everything that I could about it.  After investing significant time learning about trading, I came to realize that trading Forex is not meant for the weak-minded.  It was a challenge that required extensive knowledge, effort and patience, but if you are up to the challenge, it truly could change your life.  I sacrificed hanging out with friends, family & even my girlfriend at the time to spend my nights learning how to trade.  I was even fired from several jobs because my mind was constantly coming back to trading.  I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone else ever again.  I didn’t let anyone or anything distract me from my dream.  Without any excuses, I just focused on constantly improving.

    I started a free telegram chat that rose up 4 thousand attendees worldwide.  The people who attended my chat were able to take advantage of my trade ideas, which gave projections on the directions and trends of the markets.  I spent about four years developing my skills as a trader and providing insight and value to others through the telegram chat.  After taking those 4 years to build my skills and establish credibility, I had the confidence to start my first company called Blue Capital FX, along with a couple of business partners.  As CEO of BCFX, I broke records that I had for myself, hitting 90k in sales during the first month.  After some lessons learned and some trial and error, BCFX eventually evolved into my second company, Blue Capital Academy.  I was able to establish this company all on my own, without the support of any business partners or investors.  It was important to me to take the step of building a company on my own.  The reason why I wanted to start a trading education company was to impact lives by shortening the learning curve of trading in order to gain the financial freedom.  This very powerful skillset allows you to be your own boss, to create your own schedule and to make money from anywhere!  Blue Capital Academy provides the invaluable knowledge, tools, resources and support to become a confident trader and to ultimately have the freedom to live life on your own terms.

    Ken Ibizugbe

    Ken is the CEO and master trader of Blue Capital Academy. He is best known for trading US30 and using Advanced Technical Analysis to look for swing trade opportunities.


    The goal of Blue Capital Academy is to create an academy of independent traders and thinkers who are confident in their identity, true to their core values and able to navigate any situation or conversation with grace, fortitude, and progression.

    The goal of Blue Capital Academy is to create an academy of independent traders and thinkers who are confident in their identity, true to their core values and able to navigate any situation or conversation with grace, fortitude, and progression.


    FULL RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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